Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

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“Healing Time with Artemisia"


ūüĆŅLooking for a natural ingredient in your skincare product?

Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence is a concentrated essence formulated with one single ingredient which is double fermented Artemisia Annua extract(a.k.a. Mugwort extract) for soothing irritated skin and moisturising your skin!


  • Artemisia is harvested with pure¬†sea breeze¬†and warm sun lights of Ganghwa Island which is one of the most beautiful serene places in South Korea, an environment full of minerals, and surrounded by the sea.
  • Missha has put Artemisia Annua extract as they are by naturally fermenting twice in warm and cold tempuratures during September in Gangwha Island.
  • Double fermented, once in warm temperatures and in cool temperatures.
  • Put concentrate of a single ingredients extract with highly active ingeridents through low-temperature and high pressure extracting method

Recommended for all skin type, especially for;

  • Sensitive skin, Dehydrated skin
  • Acne skin that needs skin soothing
  • Skins that need extra nourishment and moisturising

Non-comedogenic tested / Test approved for acne skin

Size: 150ml

Made In Korea

How to Use
  • At the first step of skincare routine,¬†moisten a cotton pad with¬†Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence and¬†gently wipe it¬†along¬†your skin texture. Gently pat and press for better absorption
  • Or, pour the essence(a size of 50 cents) on your palms and gently pat into your skin.
  • For more intensive care, moisten a few cotton pads with the essence and¬†place them on¬†your face. Leave them for¬†5-10 minutes(just like mask sheets!).

    Artemisia annua extract