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ALL ABOUT BARE FACE                                  

We are a Korean Skincare Online Store based in Australia. Not only do we provide K-beauty skincare products with reasonable prices but also share information of Skincare and K-beauty secrets through our Instagram(, Facebook Page( and our Blog on the website, here!


  • Providing an excellent online shopping experience
  • Delivering outstanding services
  • Offering various ranges of K-beauty skincare brands and products(In progress) with reasonable prices
  • Providing adequate, authentic and diverse information of products, reviews and skincare tips.
  • Listening to every customer's experience and always improving
  • Honesty
  • Clear information

*Our goals and promises will be extending as per the operation.


In order for us to reach these goals and promises, we have been, are and will be always researching, studying and working very hard.

As of our new beginning, we may not be perfect. But we will be always listening to you and improving ourselves for your satisfactory which will be our satisfactory.

Thank you for choosing us once again. :)


A LITTLE ABOUT ME                                 

Hi, thank you again for sparing your more time to get to know ME. :)

My name is Saetbyeol Rachel, I am originally from Seoul, South Korea. Yes, born and raised. :) I moved to Australia in 2014 and currently live in Melbourne, Australia where Bare Face is born. :)

MY INFLUENCER                                       

Growing up in South Korea, “SKINCARE” was one of important things in a daily routine. And it has been one of my unforgettable daily routines for 30 years. and my mom, who has a flawless skin at her 60', has been my important influencer in my skincare since young. No dermatologist, no aesthetician. 

Her secret was very simple; Do care for skin every single day.

When I visited my family and friends in S.K. in 2019(after 4 and a half year...), she showed up at the airport to pick me and my partner up. And I said, 'Mom, you didn't change. Look at your skin, I expected some wrinkles.' She answered shyly, 'I'v been doing what I‘ve been doing for my skin daily based.’ 

She’d once told me,

Love your skin, Respect your skin and Respond to your skin. Caring your skin is one way to love yourself, because your bare face is YOU.’


MY SKINCARE JOURNEY                         

At very young age, my mom'd put mild lotions to moisturise my skin.

At my teenage, I started having pimples then, I could not be more caring for my skin than ever.

At my 20', I gathered a little bit of information about skincare. The very basics; Cleansing is important, moisturising is important and etc. And I started realising my skin type and all about skin types. I tried many skincare products. MANY. Korean and non-Korean. I also learned some of ingredients and what they do to my skin. And, I found my skin type was changing depending on the weather, food, my hormones and age.

I‘ve been caring more for my natural skin and bare skin than putting on a makeup(I am not good at it either😝). 

At my 30, I found myself in love with only K-beauty skincare products. It has been always K-beauty for me. It has been always around me, and I did not appreciate it because I was too used to it. I have big belief in K-beauty skincare because I have been better with it always. ALWAYS. Why shouldn't I love it. They are effective, good, oh what about the reasonable prices!


Once again, thank you for choosing us, Bare Face. :)

We will always work towards and try to meet your satisfaction.

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Always, Stay tune. Stay hydrated and moisturised!