Why Bare Face?

Let's be honest, there are so many K-beauty brands,

There are so many online and offline shops that offer there magical K-beauty products. But why choose Bare Face?

Because We, Bare Face,

  • LISTEN to you, and listen carefully. Your feedback, reviews and thoughts on new products will be always reflected to us, our service, our shop and product lines.
  • LEARN. We always research and we share it with you because sharing is caring in self-love, that includes Skincare! When we choose a product on our product lineups, we choose after we spend and dedicate our time to researches on each ingredient, read and watch reviews. We also test products and tell you the genuine thoughts on it. Because what our skin eats(absorbs) is very important!!
  • STUDY. We study so that we can share educational advice and information with you! We do not want to know about everything alone. We want to SHARE!
  • CARE. We care for you. We care for everyone's being and self-love attitude. Most of all, we care for your skincare. We do not know you in person, but we personally care. We will support you in so many ways.
  • LOVE TO LAUGH. We are fun. We love FUN. So, we will always throw out some fun events and blogs! Stay tuned!!
  • APPRECIATE the environment and our Mother Earth.
  • LOVE what we do. We listen, learn, study, share, care and appreciate because we love to do so and we love what we do.

So, now, tell us,

Why not Bare Face? 🐻

We appreciate your joining in our journey. :)

Let's have fun with skincare!